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UK's AI Safety Institute warns of LLM dangers
Advanced AI systems can deceive human users and produce biased outcomes
Read more: computing.co.uk


How to Be More Anonymous Online
Being fully anonymous is next to impossible—but you can significantly limit what the internet knows about you by sticking to a few basic rules.
Read more: wired.co.uk


2024 could mark the end of the road for passwords
Passwordless logins with passkeys
Read more: theverge.com


Here we go again: 2023’s badly handled data breaches
Delays, silence and unanswered questions follow these organizations into the new year
Read more: techcrunch.com


Square Enix plans 'aggressive' use of AI to create new forms of content
Generative AI provoked a lot of discussion last year around images, text and video, but it may soon affect the gaming industry as well.
Read more: which.co.uk


7 things to do with your new iPad or tablet
From optimising your tablet's battery life to choosing a good browser, here are our top tips for getting the most out of your new device
Read more: which.co.uk


Something nasty injected login-stealing JavaScript into 50K online banking sessions
Why keeping your PC secure and free of malware remains paramount
Read more: theregister.com


Keeping pace with evolving technology trends remains vital to business growth
Be determined, not deterred.
Read more: kpmg.com


Heterogeneous framework advances blockchain computing
HeteroBlock from WiMi combines cloud servers, general-purpose computers, and FPGAs to form an efficient blockchain heterogeneous computing framework.
Read more: edn.com


High-tech mine planning
Many industries are digitalizing their work processes.
Read more: home.sandvik


How to factory reset a computer
Sometimes you need to factory reset your computer.
Read more: techradar.com


2024 Cybersecurity predictions from Quest and One Identity
In 2024, the cybersecurity sector will face a variety of challenges
Read more: uktechnews.co.uk


Vinted's stylish security: Navigating fashion-tech fusion
Turning to open source to address containers and microservices
Read more: wired.co.uk


20 Things That Made the World a Better Place in 2023
From the falling costs of renewable energy to new treatments for a whole host of diseases, 2023 wasn’t all doom and gloom.
Read more: wired.co.uk


Internet providers forced to give ‘clear’ info under new Ofcom guidance
Ofcom has issued new guidance to internet services providers (ISPs) to ensure consumers are given clear information about their service when signing up to a new deal.
Read more: nationaltechnology.co.uk


Next-gen Windows leak: 6 AI features that could change PCs forever
A new report says Microsoft is rebuilding Windows from the ground up to integrate helpful, practical AI features.
Read more: pcworld.com


How will the landline phone switch work and what do you need to do?
The old copper phone network will be switched off in 2025 and phones will instead use the internet to make calls.
Read more: news.sky.com


Microsoft is making PowerPoint better for those of us who always have subtitles on
Microsoft is bringing closed captions to PowerPoint for the web.
Read more: techradar.com


The EU will reportedly rule against Apple in Spotify's complaint over App Store policies
The company could be hit with a hefty fine and banned from anti-steering practices.
Read more: engadget.com


Google Maps gives you more control from the blue dot
Tap the dot to change key location settings.
Read more: theverge.com


UK faces high risk of "catastrophic" ransomware attack
Lack of planning and investment in cyber security risks bringing country to standstill.
Read more: computing.co.uk


Best High-End USB Mic
A good hook can draw listeners in, but bad sound quality can drive them away.
Read more: uk.pcmag.com


Digital memories are disappearing and not even AI or Google can help
Technology allows us to keep more of our stuff than previously possible – but what use is it if we can't find it?
Read more: theregister.com


4 words that speak volumes about Google's future Pixel plans
Could this be a sign of a whole new era for the way Google Pixel phones are presented?
Read more: computerworld.com


The best laptop 2023: top portable picks for all budgets
Read more: techradar.com


Cloud Sustainability
IT leaders seeking information on the sustainability of cloud services are reliant on the assurances of vendors about the sustainability of their services.
Read more: computing.co.uk


Deep tech exits: Not just science fiction anymore
Won't somebody think of the children?
Read more: theregister.com


Deep tech exits: Not just science fiction anymore
These industries lead the way
Read more: techcrunch.com


How to find your forgotten Gmail accounts
Last May, Google announced it was planning to delete any accounts that hadn’t been used in two years
Read more: theverge.com


Meet Gemini, the AI That Google Says Is Way, Way Better Than ChatGPT
The company says it blows OpenAI out of the water.
Read more: gizmodo.com


WhatsApp on iOS just got a big upgrade for sharing photos and videos
A better way to share your snaps.
Read more: techradar.com


Meta is disconnecting Messenger and Instagram chat later this month
Meta will soon remove a feature that lets you chat with Facebook friends on Instagram.
Read more: engadget.com


Microsoft warns of Russian hackers targeting vulnerable Outlook email accounts
Uses a vulnerability that was patched in March
Read more: computing.co.uk


Google Fixes a Seventh Zero-Day Flaw in Chrome—Update Now
The holiday season is here, but software firms are still busy issuing fixes for major security flaws.
Read more: wired.co.uk


Microsoft forced to backtrack on OneDrive storage change after user backlash
Microsoft sees sense after users complain about controversial OneDrive photo storage change
Read more: techradar.com


Google Maps now looks more like Apple Maps – and a lot of people aren’t happy
A wrong turn with the new colors?
Read more: techradar.com


Turmoil at OpenAI:
what’s next for the creators of ChatGPT?
Read more: theverge.com


Intel accused of hiding the 'Downfall' CPU bug, faces class action
Intel knew about Downfall but chose to ignore it, plaintiffs allege
Read more: computing.co.uk


US and UK Black Friday Deal for GEEKOM Mini IT11 mini PC
GEEKOM has launched a Black Friday promotion
Read more: cnx-software.com


EV Batteries Have a Dirty Secret. This Company Has a Plan to Clean Them Up
European manufacturer Northvolt has plans to distribute a low-carbon, sustainable battery-manufacturing process across the world.
Read more: wired.co.uk


What Is the Definition of Computer Technology?
Computer technology is the discipline that studies the foundations of modern computer systems in terms of hardware, software, networks and communications and the relationships between each other.
Read more: reference.com


Digital goes deep
Science fiction meets reality in Tampere (Finland), where digital mining technologies are being tested underground,
Read more: home.sandvik


What is AI, how does it work and what can it be used for?
Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is developing at high speed, transforming many aspects of modern life.
Read more: bbc.co.uk


Meta and Amazon agree to CMA commitments for online retails
Amazon and Facebook-owner Meta to protect competition on their retail platforms.
Read more: nationaltechnology.co.uk


The best all-in-one computer for 2023: top home and office AIO PCs
We pick the very best all-in-one computers from Microsoft, Apple, and more
Read more: techradar.com


'Be that person': Tips for supporting neurodiversity in tech
Developing a more open culture
Read more: computing.co.uk


Facebook Finally Puts a Price on Privacy: It’s $10 a Month
Meta is about to roll out ad-free subscriptions on Instagram and Facebook. But critics say privacy should not be turned into a luxury.
Read more: wired.co.uk


WhatsApp will let you log into two accounts at once
Makes things a little easier if you've got two SIMs.
Read more: mashable.com


How to Recover a Photo You've Accidentally Deleted on Your Phone
Just because a photo or video is gone from your phone doesn't mean it's gone forever.
Read more: gizmodo.com


Hacker leaks millions more 23andMe user records on cybercrime forum
The same hacker who leaked a trove of user data stolen from the genetic testing company 23andMe two weeks ago has now leaked millions of new user records.
Read more: techcrunch.com



UK's AI Safety Institute warns of LLM dangers
Advanced AI systems can deceive human users and produce biased outcomes
Read more: computing.co.uk

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