5 stars Used pcclinic to repair my desk top very quick and efficient. Very reasonable also.

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A new AI era begins
Incredible speed and battery life come together with game-changing AI experiences and signature Surface design.
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Surface 2-in-1 Laptops
Surface Pro touchscreen PCs give you a 2-in-1 experience that lets you work, play and create your way.
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PowerStore Prime builds on Dell’s Partner First strategy to give partners a competitive edge in the marketplace,
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How data can boost charity fundraising
Charities need more sophisticated ways of fundraising – and data analytics is key.
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How gamification took over the world
Gamification was always just behaviorism dressed up in pixels and point systems. Why did we fall for it?
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How to block bad actors and become more cyber resilient
Sam Woodcock, Director of Cloud Strategy and Enablement
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Interfaces are hell. How can we make them better?
Getting to grips with a new user interface is one of life's biggest frustrations, says Professor Peter Cochrane.
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SHow to reset a Mac: factory reset a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, or iMac
Knowing how to reset your device can come in handy for a number of reasons.
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Save Your Google Maps Timeline to Your Phone Before Its Too Late
Google Maps is killing Timeline on the web as it pushes users to only use the app to keep location data more private.
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Live Nation confirms Ticketmaster was hacked, says personal information stolen in data breach
The ticketing giant said its stolen database was hosted by Snowflake, a cloud storage and analytics company.
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How to disable a VPN
Need to give your VPN a break? Here’s how to disable it.
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There's a secret radio inside Apple's new Macs and iPads – here's what it does
Apple called them the "first Thread-enabled smartphones" and said that it opened up "future opportunities for Home app integrations".
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Protect Users, Devices, and Applications
The sheer volume of data that’s produced every day from digital devices is straining cloud networks.
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PEN eBook April 2024: Thermal Design for Power Electronics
Modern electronic systems, particularly those with high power densities and complex configurations, pose significant thermal challenges.
Read more: powerelectronicsnews.com


Apple fined £1.5bn for not notifying users of cheaper music streaming options
iPhone and iPad users paid "significantly higher prices for music streaming subscriptions", the European Commission said.
Read more: news.sky.com


7-year-old Oracle WebLogic bug under active exploitation
Experts say Big Red will probably re-release patch in an upcoming cycle
Read more: theregister.com


The SME Guide to More Advanced Cyber Security
The Federation of Small Businesses reports that there were 5.6 million small businesses across the UK at the start of 2023.
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Court rules Google must face £13.6bn advertising lawsuit
oogle must face a £13.6bn lawsuit alleging it has too much power over the online advertising market, a court has ruled.
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Collaboration suffers as businesses fail to adapt workplace technology
Research reveals critical gaps in workplace tech affecting productivity and collaboration among workers in the UK,
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WhatsApp boss in online spat with Elon Musk
Posting on X, Mr Cathcart said the allegation was simply "not correct".
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US smartphone users kept same devices for longest time period yet
The latest investigation of the US mobile device trade-in market by risk management solutions provider shows for the auto,
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Intel issues new guidelines to motherboard partners for crashing i9s
Crucially, the chipset manufacturer has doubled-down that it's not blaming the partners.
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That Google Ad you click could be dangerous—here’s why
Cybercriminals are sneakily hiding malware in Google Ads—here's how to stay safe
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Marketing Your Tech Start-Up
How to Make the Most Out of Your Budget.
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Five reasons why – and when – cloud storage is the answer
We look at when cloud storage can be the best choice, with considerations that include performance, scalability and agility, cost, management simplicity, and security and resilience.
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Why you’ll soon have a digital clone of your own
Some of the most influential influencers on social media sites aren’t people, but computer-generated digital creations.
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10 emerging technologies that will change our world
The revolution is already happening.
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13 Most Advanced Countries in Computer Technology
Computer technology allows for tasks to be automated, excessive extensive data to be processed within a few seconds,
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Unseen images of code breaking computer that helped win WW2
GCHQ has released never before seen images of Colossus, the UK's secret code-breaking computer credited with helping the Allies win World War Two.
Read more: bbc.co.uk


Good news, iPad fans – the Delta Nintendo emulator for iOS is coming to iPadOS soon
It looks like the Delta Nintendo emulator for iOS has been a hit since it launched earlier this month
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Social Media Is Getting Smaller—and More Treacherous
Fragmented and focused social platforms might be good for helping you find a knitting community.
Read more: wired.com


Google faces closing arguments in US market power trial
Google in closing arguments on Thursday, wrapping up a trial in which the online search leader is accused of breaking the law to stay on top.
Read more: reuters.com


Social media platform X back up after outages
outage tracking website Downdetector.com.
Read more: reuters.com


Five reasons why – and when – cloud storage is the answer
We look at when cloud storage can be the best choice, with considerations that include performance, scalability and agility, cost, management simplicity, and security and resilience
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Fed up with Windows 10 search being slow, wonky, or crashing?
Microsoft’s fixed search with its latest update
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Airchat wants to make talk-only social media a thing, and I don't even hate it
Everybody's talking at me, and that's just fine
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Google to shift compute tasks between data centres for better use of green energy
Mobile compute workloads will follow the availability of renewable power around the globe.
Read more: computing.co.uk


4 Key Factors in Securing the Data-First Enterprise—From Edge to Cloud
With the rate of cyberattacks at an all-time high—and no signs of abating—protecting your enterprise requires constant vigilance.
Read more: techtarget.com


Microsoft: Technology giant splits Teams and Office globally
The firm separated the two products in Europe last year as it faced a possible fine from competition watchdogs.
Read more: bbc.co.uk


AT&T says leaked data set impacts about 73 million current, former account holders
The company said the data set appears to be from 2019 or earlier. AT&T said it does not have evidence of unauthorized access to its systems resulting from the incident.
Read more: reuters.com


Ahead in the Clouds
Analysis of the latest trends in cloud and datacentre technology.
Read more: computerweekly.com


Just how risky is artificial intelligence?
It could help position Britain as a world leader on AI regulation,
Read more: sky.com


Wordle will eventually run out of words.
What do AXIOM, BAYOU, FJORD, KAYAK, PARER and ZESTY all have in common?
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For more than a year now, we have been talking about how investments in AI servers
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Hackers Found a Way to Open Any of 3 Million Hotel Keycard Locks in Seconds
The company behind the Saflok-brand door locks is offering a fix, but it may take months or years to reach some hotels.
Read more: wired.com


Fortinet appliances remain vulnerable to critical bug, risking cyberattacks
significant portion of 133,000 vulnerable devices are located in Asia.
Read more: computing.co.uk


Things You Need to Know Now About Edge Computing
Edge computing is one of the most important trends in IT.
Read more: techtarget.com


Meta outage disrupts social media globally
Meta services, including Facebook, Instagram and Threads, have been downed in a brief service outage
Read more: computerweekly.com


Sandvik goes to the ends of the earth
Mobile crushing and screening solutions from Sandvik are being put to the test in one of the world’s harshest environments.
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Fed up with Edge being pushed in Windows 11?
Next update brings some good news, but Microsoft still needs to do better
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A new AI era begins
Incredible speed and battery life come together with game-changing AI experiences and signature Surface design.
Read more: microsoft.com

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