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Find out when your phone will get the Android 10 update
Google has finally released the newest version of its mobile operating system.
Read more: wired.co.uk


Facebook joins Microsoft to combat deepfakes
Facebook has launched a partnership with Microsoft and artificial intelligence (AI) researchers from Oxford, UC Berkeley and MIT to combat the online phenomenon of 'deepfakes'.
Read more: nationaltechnology.co.uk


How do I set up an ergonomic home office?
Polly wants to dump her laptop for a more ergonomic computer due to neck and shoulder pain
Read more: theguardian.com


Guidemaster: The best keyboards, mice, and more for your gaming PC
Gaming PCs need a lot of extras—here are the best ones we could find.
Read more: arstechnica.com


Online marketplace heycar launches in the UK
A new online marketplace for used cars has launched in the UK.
Read more: uktech.news


4 Ways to Sync and Upload Photos to Cloud Storage on Android
If someone stole your phone tomorrow, or you dropped it in water and destroyed it, how many precious photos would you lose?
Read more: makeuseof.com


Could That GIF Get You Sued?
After Pizza Hut was called out by a content creator, a lawyer shares some guidelines for marketers
Read more: adweek.com


New class of cloud security suite promises next-gen protection
Nemertes analyst John Burke points CIOs to a new type of cloud security
Read more: techtarget.com


What happens when cyber attackers reach quantum-advantage?
Aerospace and defence group Thales is investing in a large ecosystem...
Read more: computerworld.com


Slack announces new security features
Slack has announced a set of new configurable security features...
Read more: uktech.news


New class of cloud security suite promises next-gen protection
According to Nemertes Research's cloud research, 2019 is the year the average enterprise has more than half its...
Read more: techtarget.com


How to Trace Emails Back to Their Source IP Address
The first thing you do when you hear that email notification is check the sender, right?
Read more: makeuseof.com


How to Download YouTube Videos as MP4s on Android Phones
YouTube videos don't need to stay on YouTube
Read more: tomsguide.com


How to Switch Your Data from an iPhone to Android or Vice Versa
dr.fone- Switch makes the process of switching between devices significantly easier and less tedious.
Read more: interestingengineering.com


Nearly 90% say AI needs human supervision
A survey of UK consumers has revealed that 86 per cent think that the rise in artificial intelligence (AI) requires more accountability from government
Read more: nationaltechnology.co.uk


WhatsApp is reportedly building a desktop version that works without your phone
In 2015, WhatsApp released a web version that mirrored the conversation from the mobile app
Read more: thenextweb.com


How to take control of Face ID (with tools you may not know exist)
These two tips make it much easier to secure your device and its contents when you are on the move.
Read more: computerworld.com


Privacy? Watchdogs? Fines? Whatever, nerds, more people than ever are using Facebook and filling its deep coffers
Facebook is stronger than ever, despite the best efforts of the US government to rein it in over privacy and legal violations.
Read more: theregister.co.uk


Your online shopping will soon require more than just a bank card
From September online payments totalling more than €30 will need to be authorised with more than your credit card.
Read more: wired.co.uk


New 'highly targeted' mobile malware, dubbed 'Monokle', linked to Russian hackers
Researchers believe the malware was created by STC, a Russian company accused of interfering in the 2016 US presidential election
Read more: computing.co.uk


How to prevent negative seller feedback on Amazon
Amazon encourages sellers to resolve any situations involving negative feedback
Read more: tamebay.com


11 Things Your Laptop Can Do That You Might Not Know About
Sure, you may have had your Windows or macOS laptop for years and years, but have you actually explored every utility and feature it’s got to offer?
Read more: gizmodo.co.uk


Why Incognito Mode Doesn't Actually Protect Your Privacy
Think you are safe using the Internet on incognito mode? It might not be as secure as you think.
Read more: interestingengineering.com


Google Analytics tips:
How to use Google Analytics effectively
Read more: techworld.com


What Information Does WhatsApp Collect?
Everything You Need to Know About Your WhatsApp Privacy Settings
Read more: makeuseof.com


Malware Mousetrap – how to catch a hi-tech hacker
Technology is a beautiful thing, but comes even greater risks!
Read more: comparethecloud.net


Microsoft warning over Astaroth fileless malware undetectable by most anti-virus security
Astaroth's 'living off the land techniques' are being used to spread fileless malware
Read more: computing.co.uk


How to avoid Internet fraud, scams, phishing and other cybercrime
Thoroughly research online businesses before you put your money down.
Read more: pcworld.com


Shop for a new PC or device with built-in genuine Microsoft software.
Read more: clickedonline.co.uk


4 Advanced Ways Brands Use Data to Increase Online Sales
Data is one of the biggest advantages e-commerce brands have over their brick-and-mortar counterparts.
Read more: ecommercetimes.com


4 Free Anonymous Web Browsers That Are Completely Private
Private information is big business and everyone is trying to watch you.
Read more: makeuseof.com


How to Sync Google Drive on Linux
Two of the more commonly used cloud storage services for personal use are Google Drive and Dropbox.
Read more: technewsworld.com


The best broadband deals for June
Upgrade your internet speed for less.
Read more: digitalspy.com


Google Maps is flooded with 'millions' of fake business listings
A new WSJ report estimates millions of Google listings contain false information.
Read more: engadget.com


Microsoft Issues Windows 10 'Black Screen' Update Warning
Recently, Windows 10 has combined strange choices and serious problems with an honest (if overly complex) attempt to make things better.
Read more: forbes.com


Netflix warns of several new TCP networking vulnerabilities
The vulnerabilities relate to the MSS and TCP SACK capabilities
Read more: computing.co.uk


E3 2019 schedule - Dates, timetable and what to expect
What will we see from Microsoft, Sony and Google?
Read more: digitalspy.com


How to protect your Google Account with the Advanced Protection Program
Google Advanced Protection Program
Read more: zdnet.com


The shift to edge computing is happening fast -- here's why
What is edge computing, what's driving it, and what will be its mark on enterprise computing?
Read more: techtarget.com


Why publishing images online is riskier than you think
Most of us don't think twice about uploading images to the internet.
Read more: computing.co.uk


Get to know Linux desktop security best practices
Linux workstations are just as vulnerable to attacks as any Windows desktop,
Read more: techtarget.com


Five reasons why smart glasses mean business
Sorry, consumers. Smart glasses are for professional use only for the foreseeable future. Don't try this at home.
Read more: itworld.com


Safeguarding hardware from cyberattack
Engineers are addressing a vulnerability in hardware that some thieves have exploited to steal data
Read more: sciencedaily.com


How Brands Can Leverage Image Recognition Technology to Learn About Consumers
Ever wonder how your iPhone recognizes your face and even attempts to recognize people in your photos?
Read more: adweek.com


How to Choose the Right Platform to Run Your Smart Home
Maybe you're taking your first tentative steps into the smart home market, or maybe you're expanding what you've already got,
Read more: gizmodo.co.uk


Google Will Now Delete Your Data Automatically
You can now force Google to automatically delete your data after a set period of time.
Read more: makeuseof.com


Everything you need to know about Revolut, the UK's digital banking unicorn
If you haven't heard of Revolut yet, you've probably not been paying too much attention to the UK's FinTech scene.
Read more: uktech.news


Revamped Google Glass 2 aims more powerful AR at the enterprise
Google renews its focus on enterprise augmented reality with the Glass Enterprise Edition 2; it packs a better camera and faster processor.
Read more: itworld.com


Mailchimp Debuts a CRM Platform
to Help Small Businesses Act Like Enterprise Businesses
Read more: adweek.com


Twitter bug accidentally shared location data of some iOS users
Twitter says it has fixed a bug that resulted in a user's approximate location information being shared with an unnamed Twitter partner.
Read more: thenextweb.com



Find out when your phone will get the Android 10 update
Google has finally released the newest version of its mobile operating system.
Read more: wired.co.uk

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