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Best free VPNs 2018
A virtual private network – a VPN – is a way to connect to a private network hosted elsewhere over the internet.
Read more: techworld.com


Firefox Focus can lock your tabs behind Face ID
If you use Firefox Focus for its privacy features, you'd love its latest version for iOS.
Read more: msn.com


How to tell if your computer has been hacked
Although most of us have some form of anti-malware software installed, this cannot always offer peace of mind in regards to attacks on our networks, given that cyber attacks are constantly evolving.
Read more: computerworlduk.com


Privacy conversation turns to enabling smart TV tracking services
Remember when tech topics had such happy focal points as bendable displays and a new stylus for tablets?
Read more: techxplore.com


The Best Defense Against Fake News in Social Media
By now most of you know that the last presidential election had more to do with Russia and Facebook than pure voter preferences.
Read more: technewsworld.com


Samsung Phones Randomly Texting Photos and No One Knows Why (Update)
Got a late-model Samsung phone? Is T-Mobile your carrier? If you can answer "yes" to both, then...
Read more: tomsguide.com


How to Avoid (and Block) 'Neighbor-Spoofing' Robocalls
If your phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from supposed local numbers, you are not alone.
Read more: tomsguide.com


What's causing the cybersecurity skills gap?
The proliferation of next-gen technology into mainstream society has been a boon for consumers, entrepreneurs, and business owners alike.
Read more: malwarebytes.com


Continued conversation is arriving for Google Home users today
Continued conversation allows you to ask Assistant a question and then add a follow-up, a reminder, or an item to a shopping list without having to say, "OK Google," each time
Read more: theverge.com


Protect what must be kept private with Blackphone 2.
Blackphone is the world’s first smartphone built from the ground up to be private by design.
Read more: silentcircle.com


What Ever Happened to Google Fiber?
A couple of years ago, one of the hottest new technologies was Google Fiber.
Read more: ecommercetimes.com


What Does the Future Hold for Public Cloud?
Learn about the trends and shifts we are seeing within Public Cloud and how businesses can truly capitalise on them.
Read more: insight.com


Banned technologies from across the world
As long as the internet has been around, there have been those desperate to stifle it.
Read more: techworld.com


Social Media Technology – Understand the Science Behind Social Media Marketing
Read more: irishtechnews.ie


Freedom in the Age of Technology Event Rules
POPULAR SCIENCE Event Sweepstakes.
Read more: popsci.com


Smart lock can be hacked 'in seconds'
A hi-tech padlock secured with a fingerprint can be opened by anyone with a smartphone, security researchers have found.
Read more: bbc.co.uk


Squashing cyberbullying: New approach is fast, accurate
Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have designed a new technique for spotting nasty personal attacks on social media networks like Instagram.
Read more: techxplore.com


Meet the people who still use Myspace: 'It's given me so much joy'
Once it was the biggest social network; now it's a ghost town.
Read more: theguardian.com


KRACK Wi-Fi flaw: What you should know
Several fundamental weaknesses have been exposed in the most common Wi-Fi security protocols.
Read more: techworld.com


How to Download All Your Instagram Posts
You can leave Instagram if you want to, but you don't need to leave your posts behind.
Read more: tomsguide.com


DIY Smart mirror is small, stunning and full of features
Several years ago Google X engineer Max Braun published a medium post on a smart mirror
Read more: techcrunch.com


Google details how it will overturn encryption signals in Chrome
Google has further fleshed out plans to upend the historical approach browsers have taken to warn users of insecure websites,
Read more: computerworld.com


HP gaming headset cools you down using thermoelectrics
One of the worst things about over-the-ear and on-ear headsets is that they tend to feel hot and uncomfortable after a few hours
Read more: tengadget.com


Check-out Newsflash on all your mobile devices
Newsflash is now fully-enabled for your smartphone
Read more: techdatanewsflash.co.uk


How to stop websites asking to show notifications in Chrome?
The interface of the browser is simple and it Google integration is perfect.
Read more: gizbot.com


The coolest USB flash drive you can buy:
Looking for a solid, robust yet sleek USB flash drive that also features built-in, hardware-based encryption?
Read more: zdnet.com


How to use Gmail offline
Google has added offline access to Gmail. Here's how to enable this new feature.
Read more: techrepublic.com


Most companies think GDPR will boost their competitiveness, according to study
Most companies see the general Data Protection Regulation as a good thing, according to a new study from cloud services provider NetApp.
Read more: computing.co.uk


Technology in Healthcare
Benefits and barriers
Read more: techdatanewsflash.co.uk


How to Find Your Lost or Stolen iPhone
Enable Find My iPhone
Read more: tomsguide.com


GDPR: Are you ready for the EU's huge data privacy shake-up?
Next month a new law will make the consequences of failing to protect personal data for banks and others far more serious.
Read more: bbc.co.uk


Security researchers want to force people to use different passwords for every website
Reusing passwords across multiple websites is now a common behavior for most people inundated with dozens of accounts to their favorite online properties.
Read more: techrepublic.com


Engineers invent smart microchip that can self-start and operate when battery runs out
BATLESS, a smart microchip, can self-start and continue to operate even when the battery runs out of energy.
Read more: sciencedaily.com


Hortonworks launches Data Steward Studio with an eye on GDPR use cases
The open source big data specialist has launched a new tool to help anyone tasked with data governance
Read more: computerworlduk.com


Facebook's Free Basics quietly pulled from Myanmar, other markets
Facebook's controversial Free Basics service quietly disappeared
Read more: engadget.com


The 'Fake News' Era
At any given moment, volunteers and paid workers are writing fictional narratives that they present online as news stories,
Read more: npr.org


Microsoft Launches Windows Defender Extension for Chrome
Microsoft has rolled out a new Windows Defender Browser Protection extension to help Chrome users stay safe from malware and phishing websites.
Read more: securityweek.com


Facebook's New Privacy Tools:
What You Need to Know
Read more: tomsguide.com


Thirty-four tech giants sign cyber security charter
Microsoft teams up with firms like Facebook and HP to sign new cyber security charter.
Read more: computing.co.uk


How to Block Ads on Android
Tired of adverts ruining your browsing experience on Android?
Read more: techadvisor.co.uk


Windows 10 update will support more password-free logins
It's not just web browsers that are moving beyond passwords.
Read more: engadget.com


The 50 best Mac tips, tricks and timesavers
Bet you didn't know your Mac could do all this
Read more: techradar.com


What Facebook knows about you
If the advertisements on your Facebook newsfeed appear remarkably relevant, it's because the social network giant knows you well.
Read more: techworld.com


Chip-and-pin payment cards can be cloned using Prilex malware
UK adopted chip and PIN cards in 2004, but criminals are now trying to break down the security barriers
Read more: computing.co.uk


Chip-and-pin payment cards can be cloned using Prilex malware
UK adopted chip and PIN cards in 2004, but criminals are now trying to break down the security barriers
Read more: computing.co.uk


How to Check Which Apps Have Your Data
In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has found itself under fire
Read more: msn.com


UK is officially a nation of smartphone addicts
If you’ve ever tried to have a conversation with somebody glued to their screen
Read more: techdatanewsflash.co.uk


Best open source network monitoring tools
Demand for open source software continues to grow and network management tools have ridden that wave.
Read more: computerworlduk.com


My bubble wrap phone case doubles as an audio experience
Phone Case of the Month is a monthly series in which we live with, and subsequently review, our time with a phone case.
Read more: theverge.com


You Can and Should Hide Your Facebook and Twitter Likes
Its okay to fall out of love with social media
Read more: fieldguide.gizmodo.com



Best free VPNs 2018
A virtual private network – a VPN – is a way to connect to a private network hosted elsewhere over the internet.
Read more: techworld.com

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